Thursday, 16 June 2016

Tapping into the Field of Universal Consciousness

I was pondering on this thought recently. The theory that every living creature shares a connection to the universal consciousness. Which should mean that we all have unlimited potential. We just have to learn how to tap into it.

As my own creative journey evolves and twists and turns, I have noticed time and time again that other Artists and Teachers, are on very similar paths. We seem to share the same thoughts and ideas which is quite amazing. We are sometimes surprised that someone else paints or says exactly what we have just channelled. We can be on different sides of the World with no connection but we have still shared that same thought or idea.

How does that happen? Is it just coincidental? I don't think so. Recently I read Elizabeth Gilbert's book "Big Magic". In it she describes the same concept. That there is a universal consciousness that we all have the ability to tap into.

So how do you learn to tap into this consciousness? 

I know! That old word!

But if we do trust and believe that this is possible , then we open up to the possibility. To connect to that consciousness we will need to let ourselves become a channel. Learning to channel when we paint can be difficult. Our brain keeps interrupting with what it wants you to paint rather than "going with the flow" as the wonderful Artist Flora Bowley is famous for teaching. We need to lose ourselves into our paintings and in this way we really can connect to that universal consciousness. 

This can take practise and I must admit that I also have to remind myself to stop trying to control my creations and just let them happen. My best paintings are the ones where I have completely lost myself in the process. You can start with something in mind if it helps but in the end you just have to be prepared to let the painting evolve into what ever direction it wants to.

Realistically you may get blocked along the way. Our old Monkey brain will skip around and play games with our consciousness. Thats quite okay. Recognise what is happening and take a break. 

Of course there are ways to still our minds and become open to that channel again. We could meditate, do yoga or just practise something else that relaxes our minds. We could even 
"Dance like no one is watching" or maybe just go for a walk.

Channelling, like painting takes practise. Don't force it, just let it happen in your own time.
Remember to have fun and just relax. 

Happy painting!! 
Love Susan xx

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

New Workshops

Hi Everyone,

I just thought I would update you on the workshops I have planned through to August 2016.

We are well into the year now and I have already run four Intuitive Workshops. We went up to QLD and

Northern NSW in March where I taught two weekend workshops. One in Ocean Shores NSW and one in

Noosaville. Lots of beautiful paintings were created! We all had a wonderful time, although it was

unseasonably humid and it did take a bit of acclimatising. We had a lovely break between the workshops

 up in Noosaville. I think it maybe my favourite place now, and the venue at Wallace House was perfect.

Here are the Noosaville Girls with their gorgeous paintings! 

Just this last weekend I held the first Serendipity Workshop in Fitzroy, Melbourne. It was a fabulous

weekend and I think it may become a regular venue in the future. 

Here are some of the girls with their paintings.

I have now scheduled workshops through to August. 

The next Workshop is the 
Serendipity Intuitive, Mornington 14th & 15th. MAY

Taking bookings now!!

Please pop over to my website for the details


Sacred Space Workshop, The Goddess. JUNE

This is a lovely one day workshop that I have created to help connect us to our

"Inner Goddess".  Sunday 19th June . Venue: Mornington

I have also created some special stencils which will be exclusive to this workshop. For more info please

 visit my website


Be quick for this one as it is almost full already. 

In July I am back at the Fitzroy venue teaching the Beyond The Veil technique. JULY

This is where you can discover what lies under your abstract painting. The Workshop is

being held July 9th &10th.

Finally I have  decided to run a Magical Acrylics Workshop on Sunday 14th AUGUST.
"Under The Ocean" at the Mornington venue. In this workshop I will show you how to

 create an abstract background and then feature a special sea creature. Maybe a Turtle?

 Or a Dolphin? Or even some lovely fish? I also have some exciting ways to play with

For those of you who are not local to Melbourne the Serendipity E-Course will run again in

 September. We are currently working on filming the Chakra Tree of Life E-Course.

 Hopefully it should be launching by October? I will let you all know well ahead of time.

In some other exciting news I am now selling a small selection of stencils in my Shop.

 Some are exclusive top me and others are my favourites from TCW and The Stencil Girls.

Thats all for now!! 

Happy Painting!!

Love Susan xx

Thursday, 17 December 2015

2016 is only 2 weeks away!!

Hi Everyone,

Wow!! Doesn't time fly? I can't believe that Xmas is only one 
week away, which means New Years Day is just two weeks away. 
I must say 2015 has been a very productive year for me. Lots of 
workshops, travel and creativity!!

I love spreading inspiration for everyone to start painting. 
I have run 13 workshops in 2015 with over 150 students participating. 
So imagine how many more Artists have been created? I do hope 
everyone has kept painting?

As well as the Workshops I launched the Serendipity Intuitive 
Art E-Course in August. We had students from all over the 
World join us. It was amazing!! Everyone did so well.I am so 
proud of them. If you would like to view some of the paintings that 
were created in the course please click here 

In other news the Serendipity Intuitive Art E-Course February 2016 
is now open for registration. For more info and to register here is the Link.

My other exciting news is we have been working on an update to my 
website. It now has a fresh new look, new logo and a proper Shop were you 
can buy my Originals and Art prints. Enrolling in Workshops can also be 
done via the Website.Check it out and tell me what you think?

Finally just a review of what is coming up early 2016.

Serendipity Intuitive Art Workshop, Mornington Jan16th&17th FULL

Beyond The Veil Mornington, Feb13th&14th.Taking Bookings

Serendipity Intuitive Art Workshop March 5th&6th Byron/Gold Coast. Taking Bookings

Serendipity Intuitive Art Workshop March 12&13th Noosa. Taking Bookings

I am currently looking for a venue to run a Serendipity Intuitive Art 
Workshop mid April closer to the city. Maybe in Fitzroy? I have had a lot of people 
asking if I will run one in Melbourne, so I think it will fill quite quickly. So if you 
are interested please let me know and I will pop you on the list to be notified
 once everything is confirmed.

Finally here is my little Elephant from November's Beyond the Veil.
He is called "Curiosity".

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
Love Susan xx

Sunday, 1 November 2015

New Workshops for 2016

Hi Everyone,

Time is flying by and I can't believe that we are now in to November. I have been super busy over the last few months with the launch of my first Serendipity Intuitive Art E-Course in August and two interstate workshops plus three workshops here in my Mornington studio as well.

The interstate workshops were to South Australia and the other to Queensland. Both went extremely well. We had a little break up in QLD and stayed on the Sunshine Coast and had our last night with family in Byron bay. So relaxing and it has given me a chance to rejuvenate and set the plans for the beginning of 2016.

We stopped by Crystal Castle near Byron Bay. Awesome!!
Whilst we were up near Eumundi we met up with the lovely Lisa from Lulu Art Supplies. She was keen to host one of my Serendipity Workshops up there in March, so we have now set a date for that.

I have also had a lot of interest from the south of QLD so I have decided while I am up their in March, to run another Serendipity close to Byron Bay and the Gold Coast.

So here are the details for the two workshops. I am taking bookings now which gives you all plenty of time to plan ahead and lock in the dates. Places are limited, so be quick to grab your place with a deposit. 

You can enrol via my web page http://susanfarrellart.com.au/
with Paypal or email me at susanfarrellart@gmail.com to pay a deposit. 

"Serendipity" Intuitive Art Workshop Byron/Gold Coast
Where: Ocean Shores Community Centre
55 Rajah Road, Ocean Shores
When: Sat 5th March & Sun 6th March
Time: 10am to 4pm Both days.
Cost: $280 Deposit $100

"Serendipity" Intuitive Art Workshop
Hosted by Lulu Art. Sunshine Coast
Where: Up in the beautiful hills of Doonan near Noosa.
When: Sat 12th March & Sun 13th March 2016
Time: 10am to 4pm Both days.
Cost: $280 Deposit $100

Also in January I have a Serendipity scheduled in my  Mornington Studio.
Details are: Currawong Stables Art Room
5-17 Currawong St, Mornington
Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th January 2016 
10.00 AM to 4.00 PM Both days
Cost $250 Deposit $100
Kit available with paints, brushes etc. $120

Finally just letting those of you who missed out on the last Serendipity Intuitive Art E-Course, that we will be running the next one from the 6th February 2016 with registrations opening on the 12th December 2015. 
I will send out a reminder early December. :)
That's all for now!! Love Susan xx

Monday, 7 September 2015

Art/Creating as a form of Meditation!

Hi Everyone!

I have been teaching Art now since 2010 and I have made it my mission to enable
 everyone who would like to, to be able to create there own paintings. 
Even people who don't see themselves as "artistic". 

My rewards have been abundant! Watching souls realise that they can make something
truly beautiful is just wonderful. Just the practise of creating is so healing and therapeutic.
Once you become immersed into your painting, it ceases to be 'doing" exercise and becomes relaxing and even can feel like you have slipped into a meditative state.

Thoughts can come and go, you can slip into another dimension, losing yourself 
into your painting. I have been told by so many of my Students, that is exactly 
what happens to them as well. It has made me ponder on whether Art/Creating
 could be looked upon as another form of "Meditation"? 

I certainly believe that it is a "Healing" modality.

We all need some quiet time and we all need balance in our lives.
So if you struggle to do formal meditation, why not try
to create something? It could be just colouring in one of the wonderful
Adult colouring Books? Maybe some cross stitch? Some knitting?
Go out into the garden and plant some seedlings!
Play with paint!!

The most important thing is to relax and tune into your higher self.
Because it is when you listen to your inner knowing that
amazing things can come into your life!

Love Susan xx

Monday, 6 July 2015

Stencils! A New Form Of Art

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to speak to you today about "Stencils".

Over the years I have used stencils in lots of different ways.
As well as being an Artist, I am also a Long Arm Quilter. Now
does that mean that I have extra long arms? No. It is the name of
type of machine we use to quilt with. Long Arm Quilting Machine.

These machines sit across a long table, on rails and can be manoeuvred
in all directions. The Quilter can stitch right through the three layers,
quilt top, batting and quilt back, creating a Quilt. This can be done
by using straight lines or stitching patterns.

An example of how a quilt can 
be quilted.

The other way it can be done is
by using the custom approach.
Which is where the "artist" is
allowed to come out in the Quilter.

We can free hand designs or use
stencils in chalk and then stitch
over them, creating a beautiful
pattern that not only enhances the
quilt but also holds it together
as well.

I have been using stencils for over 14 years this way and have always loved
their versatility. I only really started considering their use in my paintings
a few years ago. They have been used for some time now in mixed media, 
scrapbooking, street art and art journalling but not so much in actual paintings.

There is a bit of a prejudice out there declaring that "stencils" are not really
"Art". That they are cheating and should be left to the scrapbookers. In my
opinion that is rubbish. Art can take on all forms and there should be no rules
dictating what is allowed to be used in your paintings to create a visually
wonderful painting. To me experimenting and evolving is what makes a 
true artist !

Lots of Artists are discovering just what a wonderful tool stencils are, to add
interest and intrigue to their work. What I love about them, is that they are
enabling people who feel they can't draw, or are not artistic to be able to
create gorgeous paintings.

And what is really exciting, is that the Stencil manufacturers are now coming up
with a fantastic array of different images and really creative takes on the "stencil". 
Gone is the stereo type of stencil that looks stiff and contrived. Now
you have to look twice at a painting to see whether a stencil has been used or not.

In the hands of a clever artesian a stencil can become really exciting!!

So why not give stencils a go?

You can have a play at home or join us in the Serendipity Intuitive Art E-Course
which commences 22nd August 2015.  In this 5 week course you can follow me 
along while I create a gorgeous big painting from start to finish. The course is
full of content and lots of HD videos. 
It will be accessible until the end of January 2016.

For more info on the course you can visit this Link below.

Bye for now!!

And remember, I am very happy for you to answer any questions you may have

Wednesday, 6 May 2015


Hi Everyone,

Recently I have noticed that the adjective "Intuitive" art has been used to 
describe lots of different genres of art all over the World. 
It is a word that is being used more and more. What does it really mean?
So in this Blog I would like to share with you what in my belief, it actually means.

What is Intuitive Art?

 Throughout the World, over the last few years, I feel there has been a universal  shift towards an awakening of Mind, Body and Soul. A Universal consciousness. Those that are open to this change and renewal , are embracing concepts that are reconnecting them to their inner intuitive selves, letting go of preconceived beliefs and exploring the possibilities and future potential of their own energy flow. Being curious and willing to investigate unknown territory. 

Which brings me now to speak to you about "Intuitive art". What is it?
Is it just another label for an art technique? No I do not believe so. 
My belief that it is more of a healing modality. 

Intuitive Art comes in many forms. When we feel connected to the source 
and our higher selves, we become more balanced in everything we do. 
So whatever your art form is.. 
be it painting, sculpture, pottery, writing, quilting the list goes on.... 
if you allow your creative muse to step forward
and "fly free" without any inhibitions, it opens up fantastic possibilities.
It is about trusting in yourself and listening to your inner intuition/higher self.
In actual fact, creating an intuitive painting is just like meditation and is just as 
healing and calming. 

There are some wonderful Artists who are 
definitely leading the way with this concept.
In America, Flora Bowley with Brave Intuitive, 
Here in N.S.W. Australia, Tracy Verdugo and her Paint Mojo. 
Both these artists encourage their students to just let go and have fun.
And of course my own Serendipity Intuitive Art  Workshop.

The old fashioned/conservative  rules of control and constraint are tossed out the window.
So many souls who have had the belief that they were not capable 
of creating something they could be proud of, are now sharing their gorgeous 
paintings with Family and Friends.. even exhibiting and selling them.

"Colors Of Life"

Finally I will share this little blog that I wrote a couple of years ago 

 What is Intuitive Art ?

Cast your minds back to when you first went to Pre-School or Primary School. We were all given paper and paint to create out masterpieces. Our Mums and Dads would pin them on the fridge to show them off.

Everyone in the class was treated equally as far as their creativity was concerned. My eldest son actually went through a phase of painting everything black. I was convinced there was something wrong.. but his wise teacher told me that indeed it was normal and lots of little boys go through the black stage. He was painting intuitively..what he wanted to express. No one was there to tell him it was wrong ( except his silly Mum )

Through our early primary school years we were encouraged to express ourselves with our artworks. But as we got older, and definitely once we hit secondary school, rules started to take over. Paint between the lines, you can't draw, you aren't creative!  Between misguided teachers and our own self doubts and egos we stopped our creative endeavours. More structured schooling began to take over. No more painting, no more creating. There were some of us that did follow the creative path and build careers around it, but the majority of people went in other directions.

Now what I believe is that everyone is creative! We were born that way. Some find other ways than painting to channel their creativity, but some just believe they can't and never give themselves the chance.

Intuitive Art is a way of going back to that little Child we were in Pre-School. With that blank canvas and no expectations. There are no mistakes, there is no control. If you end up hating it, just gesso over the painting and start again. Play, spatter, flick, scrape and spray! Watch the colour drip through each other and create beautiful iridescence.

If you appreciate art and colour, then you can create your own painting. Whether or not you end up hanging it or just using it therapeutically.

You will be doing that little Child inside you a big favour!